City Planning Library

The following is a list of historical city plans, studies, and policies adopted or conducted by the City of Norfolk over time.

This list is organized into the following categories:

  • Active 
    • These documents have either been fully adopted by reference into the City’s General Plan, plaNorfolk2030, or include actions that were reaffirmed by City Council or incorporated into plaNorfolk2030.
  • Archived
    • These documents do not reflect current City of Norfolk policy, as they may have been repealed and replaced by a newer plan or, in many cases, were never formally adopted into plaNorfolk2030 by City Council.
  • Regional Plans

The plans, studies, and policies within the Active and Archived categories are further broken down by Character District.

For more information on these documents, please contact the Department of City Planning at 757-664-4752 or

  1. Active
  2. Archived
  3. Regional Plans


Coastal Character District

Downtown Character District

Suburban Character District

Traditional Character District