Flooding Awareness & Mitigation

Flood Awareness

Like any other low-lying coastal area, Norfolk’s elevation and its proximity to natural waterways make it susceptible to flooding, especially during periods of heavy rain, hurricanes or nor’easters. During these events, properties, particularly those near natural waterways, are threatened with possible flooding from precipitation, tidal inundation, or wind-driven flooding.

$120.5 Million for Resiliency

Public Input on Flooding

Common Flooding Types and Definitions

  • Precipitation Flooding - Occurs when rain intensity exceeds capacity of our storm drain systems due to blockages or naturally depressed elevations.
  • Storm Flooding - Is caused by storm surges resulting from events such as hurricanes and nor'easters and is directly related to land elevation and proximity to coastline. High tides magnify this storm damage.
  • Tidal Flooding - Is caused by tidal variations and is directly related to land elevation and proximity to coastline. Tidal flooding may occur on a regular basis due to normal moon cycles and is exacerbated by wind speeds and directions, sea level rise, and other types of flooding.

Flood Mitigation

Flood Mitigation involves cost-effective measures taken now to avoid the loss of life and reduce future damages to public facilities, homes, and other improved property. By implementing flood mitigation measures you may prevent future damage to your property resulting from flood and potentially lower your flood insurance premium. 

You may want to consider discussing mitigation options with your flood insurance agent. Additionally, should your property qualify the Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Program may provide grant funds to assist with flood mitigation.

Helpful Resources

Norfolk Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response

Norfolk Department of Utilities

Virginia Department of Transportation

Status of Flood Mitigation Assistance Projects


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