Partners & Outreach

Collaborative Efforts to Reduce Flooding

Coastal flooding is a region-wide issue. For this reason, Norfolk has joined forces with several regional and national partners to expand the conversation and resources that will lead to positive flooding mitigation techniques for Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area.

CRS Program for Public Information

Norfolk’s Program for Public Information (PPI) & Flood Insurance Coverage Improvement Plan (CP) provides guidance for the development and implementation of targeted outreach projects, flood response preparations, and public information initiatives. The PPI and CP documents are reviewed annually by a PPI and CP committee, made up of City staff and local stakeholders in the fields of banking, real estate, and lending, including experts in environmental policy and resilience. The PPI and CP documents provide credit to the City of Norfolk within the Community Rating System (CRS) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Norfolk’s participation in the CRS program provides flood insurance discounts to most NFIP policyholders.