Permits and Inspections

Please direct questions to the Development Services Center at 757-664-6565.
Submit Building, Fire, Sign, Elevator permits to
Online E-Permitting Portal -
Site plans and planning applications must be packaged appropriately in envelope or box. Do not send staples or cash. Paper clips are fine, if necessary.
Delivery must be through USPS, UPS, Fed EX or other professional messenger/courier service such as BDS. Address to: City Planning 810 Union St., Ste 508 Norfolk, VA 23510. 
No hand deliveries are accepted. Professional deliveries are accepted during COVID as these companies have policies and protocols that keep all of the staff and security protected as well as tracking IDs and a designated spot in the lobby. Hand deliveries are too much of a liability.  

Building Construction Process | Building Permit Process

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  • Building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, elevator, and sign permits    
  • Residential and commercial plan review
  • Water and sewer taps
  • Business license zoning review    
  • Answers to additional zoning, right-of-way, and environmental services questions and more!

ePermits Information

What do I need to bring with me to now obtain a permit?

To apply for a permit, you will need:

  1. All pertinent plans and permit applications;
  2. Your contractor’s license;
  3. Your contractor authorization form that lists the people allowed to pull permits for your company; and
  4.  Contact email address for your company and authorized personnel.

The fee schedule can be found here.

How do I request inspections for my permit?
Inspections can be requested using the online portal, with a computer or smart device, at Additionally, a computer kiosk, located in the City Hall lobby, is available for the purpose of scheduling inspections. (NOTE: Currently the public is not allowed to access City Hall.)  

How do I get inspection results?

Inspection results are emailed to up to three registered email addresses, designated by the permit applicant.  

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
For questions, please call 757-664-6565 for assistance. Questions can also be sent to