Norfolk Outdoor Spaces

Norfolk Outdoor Spaces celebrates our city’s many forms of open spaces as invaluable opportunities to bring communities together, support small businesses, grow our local economy and make our streets even safer and more vibrant places. Over time, this program is designed to grow to include all forms of commercial uses that desire to operate outdoors, whether it is for a weekend, a season or somewhat permanently.

Phase I of the Norfolk Outdoor Spaces program is On-Street Dining—dining spaces on the street in marked parking spaces or on City sidewalks. Restaurants that currently operate outdoor dining on city property (on the street or sidewalk), permitted under OpenNorfolk, will need to transition to this new program by December 31, 2022. Restaurants that currently operate outdoor dining on the sidewalk with an encroachment permit have until the expiration date of the encroachment to transition to the new program.

Outdoor Spaces GraphicFollowing are the resources that are available as we develop this program: