Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities


Intellectual/Developmental Disability (ID/DD) Services focus on the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. ID

Individuals may be eligible for ID/DD services with a psychological evaluation which contains the following;

  • Full scale IQ;
  • Adaptive functioning;
  • Clear diagnosis of a developmental disability; age of onset prior to age 22; or
  • Clear diagnosis of intellectual disability, including severity; age of onset prior to age 18.

Support Coordination Services

ID_SCID/DD Support Coordination Services are tailored to assist individuals and their family members in accessing needed services that are responsive to the individual's needs. Services are available to ages three and above.


Support Coordinators provide the following services in this program: 

  • Identifying and reaching out to potential consumers assessing needs and planning services;
  • Linking the individual to services and supports;
  • Assisting the person directly to locate, develop, or obtain needed services and resources;
  • Coordinating services with other Community Services Boards;
  • Enhancing community integration;
  • Making collateral contacts;
  • Monitoring service delivery;
  • Advocating for individuals in response to their changing needs; and
  • Assuring service authorization of Medicaid Waiver services

Contact Us:

Holly Edwards
Programs Manager
(757) 375-8459 

For Intakes/DD Waiver Screenings, contact:
Malecia Waller
Community Liaison

Norfolk Community Services Board
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Norfolk, VA 23513