Eligibility and Assessment


Your child's assessment appointment will help to determine if your child is eligible for services. Additionally, the assessment will help to guide your family and the team to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan. You should expect this appointment to last two hours.


Who Will Be Involved

  • Your child and family - you may invite anyone you want to participate,
  • Your Service Coordinator,
  • An Early Childhood Educator, and
  • A speech, occupational or physical therapist - the type of therapist will be chosen based upon your child's needs and your concerns.

What Will Happen

  • The team will complete a comprehensive developmental assessment tool, including vision and hearing screenings, and an autism screening for children 16-30 months old.
  • Eligibility will be determined based upon established criteria. Click on the link to open the document, "Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia Eligibility Criteria (PDF)" for a detailed explanation.
  • The team will type and report back to you the assessment findings. Your child's development will be summarized in the following three areas:
    (1) Positive social-emotional skills and relationships
    (2) Ability to acquire and use new knowledge and skills
    (3) Ability to take actions to get her or his needs met.
  • If your child is found eligible and you give us permission, the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) can be developed on the same day, or at a later date at your request.

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