Psychiatric Services


Some youth may benefit from psychiatric services to address their mental health condition(s). If appropriate, Psychiatric Services youth who are also receiving at least one other service at the Norfolk CSB may be referred to the psychiatrist for an evaluation. Youth only in need of psychiatric services will be referred to a community provider for medication management.

Once referred, the psychiatrist will complete a comprehensive evaluation and determine the best options for treatment. In some cases, medications may be prescribed to assist the youth in managing their mental health condition.


If a youth is prescribed medications, the parent/guardian can expect the following:

  • The need for frequent, ongoing follow up visits. These follow up appointments are critical to ensuring your child’s body is reacting positively to the medication, and to ensure that as your child’s body changes during this time of growth and development, that the medication matches their need. Once your child is stabilized on the medication, he/she may be transitioned back to the pediatrician to continue follow up appointments.
  • The need to engage in therapy services. Medications work best when taken in conjunction with regular and ongoing therapy services.
  • Failure to attend follow up appointments may result in your child being without medications as refills cannot be ordered unless the child has been seen by the prescribing doctor.

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