We have multiple pickleball courts located throughout the city.
For more information, please contact the desired location:

Berkley Multi-Service Center: 925 S. Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23523; (757) 664-6450 (3 outdoor courts)

East Oceanview Community and Senior Center: 9520 E. 20th Street, Norfolk, VA 23518; (757) 441-1785 (inside court)

Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center: 7300 Newport Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23505; (757) 823-4301 (inside court)

Lambert's Point Community Center: 1251 W. 42nd Street, Norfolk, VA 23508; (757) 423-1088 (inside court)

Fergus Reid Tennis Park: 911 Orapax Street, Norfolk, VA 23507
(2 outdoor courts)

North Foxhall Park & Playground: 2651 Bartin Street, Norfolk, VA 23513 (1 outdoor court)


What You Need to Know to Play

Pickleball is fun, social and friendly! The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a fast-paced, competitive game.

Basic Pickleball Rules

 1. You can play pickleball singles or doubles. At any one time, a court should have no more than four players. Tip: Doubles pickleball makes the game a bit more beginner-friendly, as it reduces the amount of movement on the court, making it easier for you to get to the ball as a beginner.

 2. Only the serving side scores the point.

 3. The first server is determined by a coin flip or other random methods.

 4. The ball needs to bounce once per side.

 5. In a legal volley serve, your paddle arm should move upward in an arc-like motion; you can't hit the ball above your waist; and your paddle head can't exceed the height of the highest point of your wrist. Each player gets 1 serve.

 6. You have to serve behind the baselines, which run the entire width of the court (you can find them at both ends of the court, running parallel to the net).

 7. The ball has to stay in bounds. Beware of the non-volley zone, otherwise known as the "kitchen." This is a marked area that stretches seven feet from the pickleball net on both sides of the court and runs the width of the court.

 8. The game is usually played to 11 points. The first side to reach 11 points with a least 2 points more than their opponent is the winner.