Office of Professional Standards

The purpose of the Office of Professional Standards is to ensure the integrity of the Norfolk Police Department through the objective and intensive investigation of allegations of police misconduct. Integrity and reputation of a police force are vital if it is to accomplish its mission. Accordingly, the Office of Professional Standards is principally responsible for helping the Norfolk Police Department maintain its credibility and respect, both from the public it serves and among its members.


Under the chief's direction, the Office of Professional Standards is responsible for investigating all citizen complaints involving excessive force, abuse of authority, ethnic slurs, and civil rights violations, as well as complaints made by department members against other employees. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for tracking and maintaining files for all complaints. Investigators also act as a resource and consultant for other police commands handling complaints internally.

Filing a Compliment or Complaint

Please fill out the compliment or complaint form.

Other Ways to File a Complaint

If you have an allegation of misconduct to report, please choose from the options:

  • Report the incident to an on-duty police supervisor.
    Police supervisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To request to speak with a police supervisor regarding an allegation of misconduct, call 757-441-5610.
  • Report the incident at any police facility.
    Personnel are available to accept complaints at all police facilities
  • Report the incident directly to the Office of Professional Standards.

To make a complaint directly to an investigator in the Office of Professional Standards, call 757-664-6159, Monday through Friday during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.