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Community Engagement Request Application

  1. NPD Community Engagement Request Application

  2. Please allow 2 weeks to secure requested resources and proper notification

  3. *There will be no fiscal provision from the Norfolk Police Department for the aforementioned event. The Norfolk Police Department may provide the following resources, by request: Static Display and, or Demonstrations by the Harbor Patrol Unit, K-9 Unit, Special Operations Team (Bomb Robot, Bearcat – armored vehicle) Recruiting Section, or police vehicle.

  4. Type of Event*

  5. If March, Vigil or Festival was checked, please stop now and apply for an event/permit at or call (757) 664-6880, for proper event coordination in the City of Norfolk. Once the event/permit application is submitted and approved, please attach the approved copy of the event/permit application, along with this application. If security is required for your event per the approved event/permit, you may call the patrol division where the event will be held, for information to secure an off-duty Norfolk Police Officer(s).

    1st Patrol Division (757) 664-7226
    2nd Patrol Division (757) 664-6900
    3rd Patrol Division (757) 824-4433

  6. How are officers requested to engage at the event?*

    Please check all that apply.

  7. If Static Display or Demonstration is checked above, please select from the following options:

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