Reporting a Business Violation

Tax Compliance Team

The Tax Compliance Team monitors tax assessments, licenses, property declarations, etc. which must be held in compliance with local and state ordinances and codes. Any and all complaints that are taken by other departments within the Commissioner of the Revenue's office may be resolved at this level.

The team ensures that businesses locating in Norfolk are properly licensed, remit all required taxes, and file tangible property declarations. They prepare for the prosecution of those who violate tax laws in the appropriate courts of jurisdiction.

The team is responsible for the enforcement of Norfolk City Codes for:

  • Business licenses
  • Business taxes
  • Business personal property
  • Cigarette tax laws
  • Personal property violations

In addition, the team assists business owners in conducting business inventory, researches complaints of business practices, and assists businesses in obtaining the permits, clearances, certifications, and licenses required by the Norfolk City code.

Report a Business Violation

When reporting a business violation it is imperative that you collect as much information as you can about the business you wish to report, as well as the situation wherein you believe something occurred. For us to better identify the business, please collect the following information if possible. Some situations that may arise include being charged the incorrect amount of tax. All reports are kept completely anonymous, your personal information will not be used in any follow-up made by this office. If you would like this office to respond to you, please indicate this is the description of the situation. Please note that we are unable to release confidential taxpayer information.

In Norfolk the following taxes apply:

  • City of Norfolk Food and Beverage Tax: 6.5%
  • State Sales Tax: 6%

Additionally, ensure that the correct receipt was given for your transaction. In some situations, people receive receipts for other's transactions.

  • Address of the business
  • Any information you can think of surrounding the situation you feel would be pertinent to our investigation
  • Best phone number to contact the business
  • If you have a receipt of the transaction, a copy of the receipt can be faxed to 757-664-4109 or email a copy to
  • The name of the business
  • The name of the owner

To report a business violation via the phone please call 757-664-7883 or complete the business violation form.

Associated Fees

There are no fees to report a business violation to the city.


If you still need help, please call us at 757-664-7883.