License Fee


License fees are imposed pursuant to the Code of Virginia, 46.2-752. The revenues from these fees are earmarked for the Complete Street Initiative. For more information on this policy, please read the Complete Streets Policy (PDF).

Passenger Vehicles

VehicleLicense Fee
Automobile or Motor Home: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Automobile or Motor Home: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00
Pick-up Truck, Panel Truck, or Van: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Pick-up Truck, Panel Truck, or Van: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00

Non-Passenger Vehicles

VehicleLicense Fee
Trucks and Tractors: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Trucks and Tractors: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00
Boat Trailers (all weights)$11.50
Camping Trailer: 2,000 pounds or less$11.50
Camping Trailer: 2,001 pounds or more$17.50
Travel Trailer: 4,000 pounds or less$17.50
Travel Trailer: 4,0001 pounds or more$20.00
Utility Trailer: 2,000 pounds or less$11.50
Utility Trailer: 2,001 pounds or more$25.00

Please note: If vehicle weighs more than 19,001 pounds, please call 757-664-7884 for fee rate.

License fees for vehicles listed above will be half price after July 1 each year.


VehicleLicense Fee
Boat under 16 feet$15
Boat 16 feet and over$40