Multimodal Transportation Master Plan

What is the Multimodal Transportation Master Plan?

Norfolk is developing a comprehensive Multimodal Transportation Master Plan (MTMP) that is intended to expand the travel choices of Norfolk’s citizens and businesses. The purpose of this plan is to link the city’s land-use and economic development strategies with its transportation investments.  The overall intent is to support the City’s overarching visions for safety and prosperity for a 21st century economy and workforce.

The MTMP will be built on a new paradigm of transportation planning that implements the Multimodal System Design Guidelines methodology developed by the Department of Rail and Public Transportationgraphical text box stating "Norfolk’s Multimodal Transportation Master Plan will tie together all the ways we travel – by foot, bus, bike, scooter or car – into a single plan to make sure they all work together more safely and comfortably." (DRPT) in 2012. The overall approach in these guidelines is to design a transportation system that serves all users by accommodating both long and short trips and providing connectivity from all modes to public transit. Technology will be a key tool for providing mobility as a service and creating seamless integration between modes.

To be effective, the plan will be accompanied by a program of projects and associated resource allocation plan that provides a blueprint for decision-making by the Mayor, City Council, and/or the City Manager, and serves as a guidance document for shaping Norfolk’s future transportation system on the coming years.

Cover of the multimodal system design guidelinesMaps of multimodal centers and districts in downtown Norfolk

The Multimodal System Design Guidelines developed by Virginia’s Department of Rail and Public Transportation will serve as the basis for Norfolk’s Multimodal Transportation Master Plan.  This approach was tested in a pilot project for the Downtown Transportation Plan in 2019.