Transit System Redesign

What is the Transit System Redesign? 

Multimodal Norfolk will include a full redesign of the City’s public transportation system that will evaluate and recommend important policy related to transit funding and stop spacing. The City will examine innovative options to deliver transit service, including micro-transit and other on-demand solutions that will best serve the needs of the City.

How will it work?

The City will work closely with the public, elected officials, City Manager’s office, key stakeholders, as well as other City departments through a robust and meaningful outreach process as the City develops thgraphical text box stating "Multimodal Norfolk also includes something called the “Transit System Redesign” that will look at ways to improve the bus and transit system - and make it easier to connect to - for all users."e multimodal transportation plan and full redesign of its transit system. In addition, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) is currently undertaking a transformational project that will look at various regional service scenarios. Norfolk’s Transit System Redesign will be conducted in close coordination with HRT and their planning projects. Once the multimodal transportation plan and transit system redesign have been developed, a transit service plan and schedules will be developed for seamless implementation and launch of the City’s new transit system. Similarly, a program of projects will be recommended and accompanied by the associated resource allocation plan to ensure realistic implementation of the new vision for transit in Norfolk.

A person uses a smart phone to access information about transitA transit bus drives on a street
A microtransit van

The future of Transit - In this era of mobile apps, we may soon be able to book a trip, track it, and pay for it all from a mobile device. Technology like this also helps encourage the growth of microtransit. Microtransit is simply on-demand transit for all.  It can provide “first and last mile” connections to bus or rail stops and connect seamlessly to a wider regional transit system.

Download a Fact Sheet (PDF) on the Transit System Redesign