Multimodal Norfolk

What is Multimodal Norfolk?

The City of Norfolk is developing a Multimodal Transportation Master Plan to help define the direction that the City’s transportation system will take over the coming years. This Plan will provide the framework for both large and small transportation decisions about projects, priorities, coordinated planning with respect to land use decisions, public/private initiatives, other infrastructure projects, and more.

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Safety & Economy

We cannot stand still. There are too many crashes and fatalities on our streets. The city’s Vision Zero policy was instituted to reduce fatalities and to make Norfolk’s streets healthier and safer. At the same time, Norfolk’s economic future is multimodal. Companies will locate in cities with high quality multimodal travel options because that is what their workforces demand. This plan is about getting people connected in Norfolk in ways that are safer, more comfortable and more efficient. It is a key part of planning for a healthier and more prosperous future for our city.

News Headline: Woman Identified in Fatal Hit-and-Run on Saint Paul’s Boulevard.  A utility pole blocks the sidewalk on Brambleton Avenue. A pedestrian walks along the shoulder of a road with no sidewalk.  A bicyclist rides on the shoulder of Military Highway.Graphical text box stating "The purpose of Multimodal Norfolk is to better connect the ways we travel in Norfolk – by foot, bus, bike, scooter and car - to make our city safer and more prosperous in the future."

Improving safety for all modes, including pedestrians and bicyclists, is a key focus of the Multimodal Norfolk effort. 

The project timeline includes five phases beginning in 2019 and continuing through 2021. Phase one is a vision and goals assessment; phase two I the transit system redesign; phase three is the transit service plan; phase four is the multimodal transportation master plan; and phase five is the needs assessment and program of projects. In between each phase is one of four rounds of public engagement.

Timeline for Multimodal Norfolk.  The project has five phase over an 18-month period.  Between each phase is a round of public and stakeholder meetings to gather input and share findings.