Calling for Other Types of Assistance

Some calls can be handled through other city departments over the phone or online such as:

  • Abandoned Vehicles- When a vehicle has been in the same spot for longer than a week
  • Burned out Street Lights
  • Burned out Traffic Lights
  • Deceased Animals - Animal Protection Unit does not pick up deceased animals.
  • Illegally Parked Vehicles- during normal business hours, and the vehicle is not legally parked on a city street:
  • Jail Visits - Inmate Information
  • Landlord/Tenant Resources 
    • Contact the Bureau of Community Enrichment at 757-664-6782
  • Protective Orders/Emergency Orders/Temporary Detention Orders/Warrants- To obtain information about securing warrants, protective orders, etc.
    • Contact the magistrate at 757-664-4799
  • Warrant Checks- Outstanding warrants in the City of Norfolk can be looked up online

Norfolk Cares Assistance Center

Anything not listed may be handled by Norfolk Cares Assistance Center at 757-664-6510.