Non- English Speaking Callers

Non-English Speaking Callers in Need of Assistance

The Norfolk Public Safety Telecommunicators help our non-English speaking visitors and citizens obtain assistance through foreign language interpreters at Language Line. This translation service interprets over 175 different languages, word by word. They translate what is said between the caller and the call taker; asking only questions the call taker directs them to ask.

Help Us Help You

  • Tell us what language you are speaking.
  • Do not hang up the phone.
  • We will often keep you on the phone to obtain more information for the responders who are on their way.
  • Should you have a need for translation services, please keep the following in mind:
    • There may a brief pause at the beginning of the call when connecting to the language line interpreter while the call taker is exchanging credentials with the service provider. Please do not hang up the phone.
    • While we understand that you want to quickly explain your situation to the call taker, it is important not to interrupt this process and instead wait to be prompted for information. This is a vital process before information can be obtained and thus any interruptions may cause a delay in call processing.
    • Since the call taker must connect with a third party interpreter, the processing time may be increased in comparison to English speaking calls.