Children Calling for Help & 911

Children can be very helpful when they are taught how to properly call for help. Teach your children how and when to call for help and how to use 911 properly. Teach children to memorize their:

  • Complete Address
    • HVirginia 911 Friends ouse number, street name and city or town they live in
  • Mommy and Daddy's 'real' names
  • Phone number
  • Street names near home
  • Their surroundings

Children, Cell Phones & 911

  • Be sure to teach your children how to call for help from a cell phone
  • Many cell phones require pressing the "Send" button
    • Be sure you teach your children to press the "Send" button after pressing 911
  • Teach them how to properly disconnect or "end" the call

Become a Certified 911 Helper

The Commonwealth of Virginia's "911 for Kids" website is a great way for kids to learn what an emergency is, how to call 911 with coloring books and interactive games. They can even get a certificate that can be printed out!

Prank Calls

  • We receive thousands of calls daily. Children and teenagers who are playing with phones, calling in false calls or are trying to be funny can tie up a Telecommunicator who could be answering an true emergency call.
  • We are trained to make every attempt to ensure if the person calling requires help, even when it sounds like they are just playing. If there is no answer on the call back, we will attempt to locate the caller and will send assistance to be sure everything is okay.
  • Keep your phone out of children's reach until they are old enough to use it properly. If you have a cell phone, utilize the key lock feature.

Let's Get Ready

Sesame Street Workshop ©, along with project partners has created "Let's Get Ready Together for Emergencies." Helping children know their full name along with their parent's full name will help the 911 dispatcher assist children when they dial 911. Simply watching the video "Know Your Name" will Help Us, Help You.