Rules of the Road

Whether you walk, bike, drive, use a scooter or public transportation, you play an active role in Norfolk's transportation system. In order for this system to function well, each person must follow the rules, pay attention, and be patient and courteous. With more people biking and walking and with a constant flow of new drivers and new cyclists, it's important to remember these main themes.

  1. Slow Down. Pay attention to posted speed limits. The faster you travel, the higher the risk of death or serious injury when and if a crash occurs.
  2. Stay Alert. Avoid distractions. Put away your phone while walking, biking or driving until you've reached your destination and always be on the lookout for other road users.
  3. Share the Road. Cyclists & pedestrians use the street along with scooters & e-bikes. Virginia law (§ 46.2-839) requires drivers to pass at least 3 feet to the left of cyclists.

Download the Bicycle Card | Download the Pedestrian Card | Download the Scooter Card | Download the Driver Card

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