Transit in Norfolk

Norfolk is an old city, and overall, a moderately dense city. Like all Norfolk_Existing Network_20200612 for web Opens in new windowplaces with higher density, Norfolk has limited road space that regularly gets filled. This means that more people are trying to use a fixed amount of road space, resulting in congestion.

Public transit is critical to making Norfolk a livable and sustainable city. To do this, the City depends on having high-quality transportation options. Norfolk is served by Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) with several local and regional routes serving the City.

The existing bus network in Norfolk is shown on the right – most routes operate every 30 or 60 minutes with only one frequent 15-minute service route, the Tide.

Norfolk Transit Initiatives

We're engaged in a number of studies and projects related to transit within Norfolk and the Hampton Roads region. Read about some exciting transit projects below!

Transit System Redesign

We recently completed a Multimodal Transportation Master Plan to help define theNorfolk Multimodal Transportation Master Plan logo image Opens in new window direction that the City's transportation system will take over the coming years. Multimodal Norfolk includes a full redesign of Norfolk's public transportation system that evaluates and recommends important policy related to transit funding and stop spacing. We examined innovative options to deliver transit service, including micro-transit and other on-demand solutions that will best serve the needs of the City.

Visit the Transit System Redesign webpage for more information. To learn more about the Multimodal Transportation Master Plan, please visit Multimodal Norfolk.

Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor Project

NSN Transit Corridor Project Opens in new window

A partnership between the City of Norfolk and HRT, the Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor Project aims to establish high-capacity transit on the east side of the City between the existing Tide Light Rail system and Naval Station Norfolk. This connection increases mobility choice, improves access between activity centers and neighborhoods, and helps to meet the needs for a time-competitive, flood-resilient, sustainable, cost-effective alternative to automobiles.

Visit Naval Station Norfolk Transit for more information.

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