Biking in Norfolk

Bicycling keeps getting better in Norfolk! With nearly 60 miles of dedicated bike lanes and shared lane markings (sharrows), two wheels and pedal power is a great way to get around town.

We're committed to making cycling a safer and more convenient method for getting around. To support and encourage cycling, we're enhancing bicycle infrastructure through: 

  • Installation and designation of new bike lanes and routes
  • Addition of more bicycle parking throughout the City
  • Promotion bicycling as an option for residents, visitors, and workers through various events

These are just a few of the initiatives that make Norfolk a bicycle friendly community! 

Norfolk's Bike Network

With the development of trails and the continual effort to expand the Norfolk Bike Network Map Opens in new windowexisting roadway effort, Norfolk is evolving into a bike-friendly city. As of March 2023, Norfolk has 35.8 miles of bike lanes, 31.8 miles of sharrows (shared lane markings), and 11.1 miles of off-road shared use paths. Additionally, the Elizabeth River Trail stretches 10.6 miles from Norfolk State University to the Norfolk Naval Base. Northside Park also has a 2.5-mile mountain bike trail for some off-road fun. For more information on trails in Norfolk, visit the Department of Parks & Recreation webpage.

View the current Norfolk Bike Network map (PDF).This map shows existing bicycle facilities.

Safety Tips

For a complete safety overview, view a copy of shareVAroads (PDF), Virginia's law and safety tips for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Also view the "Sharing the Elizabeth River Trail" video and the "Streets Smarts" video courtesy of Bike Norfolk.

Visit our Vision Zero webpage for more information about the program, and click on the safety cards below for tips on how to be safe on our streets!

                                                Download the Bicycle Card            Download the Driver Card

                                                   Vision Zero rack card_bikes Opens in new window                Vision Zero rack card_drivers Opens in new window 

Reporting an Incident

Witnessed a bicycle-involved accident?2021-05-13 Corral Map Opens in new window

  • Call 911 immediately and follow the dispatcher's directions
  • Stay with them until help arrives, if possible

Report any other emergencies requiring immediate attention by calling 911.

May is Norfolk Bike Month

We're proud to partner with Downtown Norfolk Council and local bike groups to bring 31 days of two-wheeled adventures. Celebrate the Bike Life! Be sure to check back in 2024 for the 13th Annual Norfolk Bike Month events.

Bike-Scooter Parking Corrals

We've implemented several parking corrals downtown as designated parking spaces for the Lime scooters and e-bikes (map on right). The locations of these parking corrals can be found in the Lime app and are labeled on the map with a "P."

Please do not park in front of building entrances, do not block sidewalks, and do not interfere with pedestrian or handicap access.

Bike Repair Stations

We have installed several bike repair stations throughout the city that include an air pump for filling up tires and tools for basic repairs and adjustments. The stands are free and available to everyone at any time. To use the stands, it's recommended to hang the bicycle by the seat, seat post, or seat tube to gain easy access to the entirety of the bike.

The 18 repair stations located along Norfolk's bike network are displayed in the following table & map.Bike Repair Station Map image

Bike repair station table

Bike Signs & Road Bike signs markings info sheetMarkings

We are building a well-connected network of bicycle facilities to make cycling more attractive to a broader range of people. Our network includes road markings and signs to make it safer for people who are cycling, walking, and driving to share our streets. Read information on the various bicycle signs and pavement markings you may encounter in Norfolk.

Bike-Pedestrian Counter Program

We initiated a Bike-Pedestrian Counter Program in March 2021 to provide a reliable method of data collection. This data will be used to advance the goal of making biking and walking more comfortable and more connected in Norfolk by better understanding the trends of pedestrians and cyclists in the city. Learn more about Norfolk's Bike-Pedestrian Counter Program

Data collected includes bicycle and pedestrian counts as well as direction and headway of bicyclists. View the Bike and Pedestrian Trip Counts dataset on the Norfolk Open Data portal. 

Bike Resources

There are more than 60 miles of dedicated bike lanes and shared lane markings (sharrows) in Norfolk as well as the Elizabeth River Trail and the Northside Park Mountain Bike Trail for you to explore. Click here for a complete list of local bike resources. Below are some of the City Biking Resources: