Driving in Norfolk

We're committed to building a robust multimodal transportation network to make it safe and convenient for you to get around on foot, by bike, by scooter, and on transit. We've developed these programs to improve the quality of life in the city, to meet our climate and environmental goals, and to preserve our limited roadway capacity and parking supply. Follow the links on the left to learn more about getting around Norfolk without your car.

We do recognize that there are times when people need to drive. If you plan to drive in and around Norfolk, the following information can help make your trip easier and safer.

Safety Tips

Cyclists and pedestrians use the street along with scooters and e-bikes, so please be aware of these other road users while driving. To build a successful multimodal network, it's important for vehicles to coexist with pedestrians and bicyclists on our roads.

To encourage safe driving habits we ask that you:

  • Obey the speed limit - this can significantly decrease the severity of an injury to a pedestrian or bicyclist
  • Be alert - avoid distractions and always look for pedestrians or cyclists before making a turn
  • Stop at crosswalks - pedestrians always have the right of way in all crosswalks
  • Pass safely - Virginia law (§ 46.2-839) requires drivers to pass at least 3 feet to the left of cyclists

Visit our Vision Zero webpage for more information about the program, and click on the safety cards below for tips on how to be safe on our streets!

Download the Bicycle Card | Download the Pedestrian Card | Download the Scooter Card | Download the Driver Card

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Parking Information

Click here for a map with locations of public parking lots and garages in Norfolk

Visit the Parking Division webpage for more information about:

  • Residential parking permits
  • Street parking regulations
  • Parking citations
  • Special events parking
  • Veteran and handicap parking

 Electric Vehicles

Information coming soon

Other Resources