Why Does My Water Have White Particles in it?

Water Heaters & Dip Tubes

Some water heaters manufactured within the last five years could have faulty dip tubes. The dip tube is located inside the water heater and delivers cold water to the bottom of the tank so that it can be heated. It also keeps the cold water and hot water separated inside the tank.

Defective Pieces

Recently, manufacturers used a defective plastic to make dip tubes. This plastic deteriorates over time inside your water heater and allows white plastic particles to roam freely in your water pipes clogging small screens such as faucet aerators and washing machine strainers.

Prior to December 31, 2000, damage claims were being accepted by the Dip Tube Claim Settlement Center. They are no longer accepting new claims for dip tube problems and have shut down their website.

If you experience dip tube problems, a plumber can install a new one or you can have your water heater replaced.