Water Testing

Water Quality Testing

The Department of Utilities' ensures that the drinking water flowing from your tap is safe to drink, but sometimes you may find it necessary to have your water quality tested. Water chemists offer water quality testing for Norfolk water customers. Should you feel the need to have your water tested, please contact the Water Quality Lab at 757-441-5678 and a chemist will be happy to take a water sample from your home.

  • Bacteria
  • Color
  • Chlorine/chloramine
  • Iron
  • PH
  • Turbidity

Well Water Testing

If you would like your private well water tested and you live in Norfolk, give us a call at 757-441-5678 and we'll tell you how to collect the sample and the type of container to use. The testing is free to Norfolk citizens.

These samples are tested for the following parameters, if you need to review what these terms mean, please see the Water Quality Terms (PDF):

  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Fluoride
  • PH
  • Salt
  • Turbidity

We test well water for irrigation purposes only, the testing is not intended to determine potability.