Bay Star Homes Rain Barrels

Rain BarrelManaging stormwater is important, and rain barrels are a great way to reduce runoff from your property. Rain barrels collect rainwater from your roof downspouts for non-potable reuse. You can utilize this rainwater for your flowers, shrubs, trees, or lawns or even to wash your car!

Did You Know...

  • In Norfolk a rain barrel will fill up quickly! An inch of rain collected from just a 300 square feet section of roof will typically fill a 110 to 120 gallon rain barrel.
  • Saving water in a few barrels really does make a difference, if you think about the big picture. If 1/2 of Norfolk residents collected and used a single barrel of water, we could conserve more than of 1.5 million gallons of tap water. Every barrel helps manage the water coming from downspouts and reduces the impact on stormwater runoff.