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Joining is free and easy for all Norfolk residents. Once you pick your first eight environmentally-friendly actions, you will receive a Bay Star Homes yard flag, a welcome packet and opportunities to start making a difference today.

Good to Do Bay Star Homes' eight steps are designed to improve your home, improve your community and improve our waterways. It is a win-win for everyone!

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Action categories include Grow Green, Water Connections, Resource Conservation, and Get Involved! Signing up is simple. Fill out the Bay Star Homes pledge card, tailor your eight steps to fit your lifestyle, receive your yard flag, and get started making a difference right at home.

Good for You

Harm of Excess Fertilizer

Excess fertilizer is hurting Norfolk's waterways by increasing nutrients that can be extremely harmful to water quality. Fertilizer contains pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus that can cause algal blooms in our waterways which harm aquatic life. Always test your soil before fertilizing to see what nutrients, if any, your lawn may be lacking. No need to pay for something you don't need.

Remember, Small Changes Make Big Waves and Cleaner Waterways do Begin at Home!