Neighborhood Services

  1. Department Overview
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The Director’s Office provides central management to the department and coordination of department resources.   Under the Director are three divisions.

Link to Norfolk CaresNorfolk Cares is a single point of contact for residents.  Residents can request a city service, obtain information on city services, or receive an update on a previous request for city services.

Neighborhood engagement link and staff pictureThe Division of Neighborhood Engagement supports the interest of neighborhoods and community-based organizations.  Access information about your Neighborhood Development Specialist, Neighbors Building Neighborhoods (NBN), the NBN Academy, and neighborhood grants.

Link to Neighborhood Quality and Code Compliance informationThe Division of Neighborhood Quality supports the highest quality of life possible for neighborhoods by maintaining citywide standards.  Access information about code enforcement and neighborhood standards.

Link to civic association information pageNorfolk doesn’t regulate civic leagues or other civic associations, but you can find if your neighborhood has one and information provided to the city about them.