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To encourage collaborative partnerships that enhance the quality of life for Norfolk citizens, the City of Norfolk accepts requests for sponsorships in congruence with the stated guidelines and funding allocated in the current Fiscal Year budget. 


The City of Norfolk provides financial support through sponsorships to foster collaborative partnerships that improve the quality of life for Norfolk citizens. The purpose of sponsorships is to provide financial or in-kind support for activities, events, or programs that directly benefit our citizens, businesses, nonprofits, community organizations, and institutions. The investment yields the opportunity for the City to be aligned with a successful community partner that have value throughout the greater Norfolk community. The sponsorship serves as a municipal endorsement that helps bolster competitive advantage, goodwill, and brand identity for the entity. Execution of the sponsorship positions the entity to seek private-sector sponsorship for subsequent events. 

The City accepts requests for sponsorships in congruence with the stated guidelines and funding allocated in the current Fiscal Year budget (July 1 through June 30). The sponsorship fund cannot serve as an annual funding source. 

Sponsorships vs. Grants

Sponsorships are defined as cash or in‐kind products and services offered by sponsors to support with the express expectation that an obligation is created. As a result of the sponsorship, the city receives name recognition as a sponsor in promotional and collateral materials that celebrate the occasion. It may also provide an opportunity for City leadership to attend the celebration and offer encouraging words.  

Opposed to a sponsorship, a grant or donation comes with restricted guidelines on how the money or in‐kind resources are to be used for specific public service(s).

Eligible Recipients/Sponsorship Consideration Criteria

All applicants must meet the criteria listed below to be eligible for consideration.

  • Applicant is a registered entity with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC)
  • Applicant must be a registered 501c3 organization
  • Applicant has provided a copy of marketing materials, a current W9, and IRS determination letter (if applicable)
  • Applicant has completed an online sponsorship application in its entirety
  • The applicant details how the event will positively impact the City of Norfolk and its residents
  • Applicant has provided a realistic and specific plan to accomplish the desired outcome
  • Applicant has provided a clear and concise description of the event or project
  • Applicant has provided a specific ask, whether monetary or in-kind services
  • Applicant has clearly outlined the benefits the City should receive in return for event or activity endorsement
  • Application submission has been received at least 2 months prior to event

Availability of Funds

Funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Applicants are eligible to receive up to $5,000 in funding. Once sponsorship funds are exhausted, no further applications will be accepted for consideration. 

Sponsorship Processing Time & Canceled Events or Activities

All awarded sponsorship will be fully processed within 3–8 weeks (i.e., Applied January 1–Process by or before March 1). If an applicant receives sponsorship funding for the approved event or activity and it is canceled or does not happen on the date included in the application, then the applicant MUST RETURN ALL FUNDS RECEIVED to the City of Norfolk, City Manager’s Office, 810 Union Street, Suite 1101, Norfolk, VA 23510. If the same event is postponed and rescheduled during the same calendar year–use of funds is permissible; however, it is incumbent upon the awardee to contact the City Manager’s Office by email at citymgr@norfolk.gov or telephone at (757) 664-4242 to provide a briefing on the status of your event or activity. Remember this is a sponsorship, not a donation nor a grant.


The City reserves the right to conduct financial auditing for all sponsorship recipients. Funds will not be awarded or disbursed until all eligibility requirements are met. Supporting documentation must be received with sponsorship application upon completion.

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