Team Norfolk Values

For All Members of Team Norfolk…

Respect and include diverse voices and ideas

We recognize that diverse and unique perspectives strengthen a culture of inclusiveness, help us develop comprehensive solutions and deliver best in class service.

Behaviors that demonstrate this value include:

  • Actively seek different perspectives.
  • Listen and value the input of others.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn from others.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with those who share different perspectives.
  • Acknowledge that diversity enhances performance and customer service.

Share information to build trust

We know that sharing information enhances problem-solving, decision-making, customer service, and succession planning. Sharing appropriate information also builds trust with coworkers, employees and customers.

Behaviors that demonstrate this value include:

  • Share helpful knowledge, skills and information with coworkers.
  • Mentor and support employees and coworkers by sharing knowledge, skills and wisdom.
  • Disseminate information learned at meetings.
  • Document knowledge and processes.
  • Recognize when information is confidential and cannot be shared.

Embrace a change mindset

We recognize that change is essential and inevitable for growth and/sustainability.

Behaviors that demonstrate this value include:

  • Embrace positive thinking and consider the best possible outcomes.
  • Seek to understand and be prepared to communicate new initiatives.
  • Demonstrate openness to change by objectively considering new possibilities and presenting fresh ideas.
  • Encourage others to see the possibilities. 

Strive for continuous improvement

We consistently seek to improve our services by always looking for opportunities to enhance service delivery, increase the efficiency of our processes and reduce waste.

Behaviors that demonstrate this value include:

  • Put those we serve first and continuously explore ways to improve services and support.
  • Collect and use data to improve services.
  • Apply Agile principles and steps to improve processes and programs.
  • Seek opportunities to grow and learn so that we are always improving.

Choose what is right over what is easy

We recognize there is more than one way to resolve an issue and we promise to deliver the best solutions.

Behaviors that demonstrate this value include:

  • Consider everyone who may be impacted by a decision or step before selecting a course of action.
  • Take the time to explore alternatives and the pros and cons of each option.
  • Ensure we understand the root cause of a problem before defining a solution.
  • Go the extra mile for those we serve to ensure seamless service.
  • Stop to help our customers, even if it falls outside of our job. 

For Leaders of Team Norfolk…

Develop strong leaders

Leaders recognize the value of succession planning so that new leaders are prepared to take the next step when the time is right.

Leaders regularly:

  • Assess the strengths and passions of employees.
  • Seek opportunities to leverage employees’ skills and energy assigning projects and experiences that help them grow.
  • Provide regular performance feedback that includes accolades and areas for growth. Model effective leadership behaviors including championing change, collaborating, communicating, motivating team members, building relationships, thinking strategically, and holding others accountable.
  • Build confidence by acknowledging and rewarding employees.

Empower our people to make decisions

We recognize that prompt and effective decision-making drives efficiency and customer service.

To empower decision making, our leaders:

  • Ensure employees are equipped with the training and knowledge needed to make effective decisions.
  • Recognize that employee engagement increases commitment to the organization and passion for work and regular strive to increase engagement.
  • Acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • Encourage independent work by delegating projects and tasks and providing increased responsibility when employees demonstrate readiness.