Street Lighting Program

Petition for a New Street Light

The city policy regarding the installation of street lighting on residential streets is done through a petition process. 

Investigations to justify consideration for the installation of street lighting are done only for an entire block.

They are made upon receipt of a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of the residents of property abutting on the entire block in question.

If justification is warranted, the street lighting will be installed under the following provisions:

  • Street lights will be installed on the entire length of the block.
  • The number, size, type and location of street lights to be installed will be determined by the City of Norfolk.

Although it is recognized that a certain amount of illumination will spill onto private properties as a result of the installation of the street lights, no shielding or shading of any type will be authorized in order to prevent this from occurring.

Streetlight Repair

Report a streetlight in need of repair.

Street Light Outages Map

Street Lights and Outages Reports Data

View the Street Lights and Outages Reports dataset on the Norfolk Open Data portal.