Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering Division is responsible for the safety and efficiency of traffic flow. Responsibilities include the design and construction management for city and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) projects. The group provides direct and indirect customer service and administrative support to citizens, civic leagues, task forces, businesses, and other organizations. It also conducts transportation-related investigations for traffic calming as well as for school, bicycle, pedestrian, and railroad safety. The division also includes the Traffic Management Center that operates the traffic signal & traffic management systems and coordinates the installation of street lighting.


  • City-wide transportation projects
  • Evaluation and coordination of the installation and maintenance of:
    • Streetlights
    • Traffic control signs
    • Traffic lane lines, crosswalks, and pavement markings
    • Traffic signals
  • Guardrail repairs
  • Liaison for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)-funded projects within city limits
  • Neighborhood traffic calming initiatives
  • Residential parking permit program
  • New traffic control measures

Key Initiatives

  • Saint Paul’s Initiative: The goal of this initiative is to build a connected pattern of neighborhood streets and blocks and establish a framework for a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood rather than the existing super-block structure. This project will restore Church Street as the commercial, civic, and social heart of the community. Church Street will be realigned and buildings along each side will be mixed-use with ground-level retail or community-serving offices.
  • Multimodal Norfolk: Norfolk’s Multimodal Transportation Master Plan will define the direction for the City’s transportation system over the coming years. Multimodal Norfolk provides the framework for large and small decisions about transportation projects, priorities, coordinated planning with land use decisions, public/private initiatives, infrastructure projects, and more.
  • Grant Funding: The VDOT Program aggressively seeks both state and federal grant funding opportunities to improve roadway safety for all users of the transportation system and enhance mobility choices.