Juvenile Detention Center

Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center (NJDC)

The Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center is a secure facility which houses juveniles who are ordered detained pursuant to the Code of Virginia. The goals of the Detention Center are:

  • Ensure public safety by providing a safe, secure environment for lawfully detained juveniles.
  • Provide for the juveniles' basic needs, including:
    • Clothing
    • Food
    • Medical care while in secure detention
    • Personal hygiene
    • Shelter
  • Protect juveniles' legal rights while assigned to Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center programs.
  • Provide for the physical, emotional, religious, educational, and social needs of juveniles during detainment.
  • Provide housing for juveniles in a safe, humane environment, maintaining the level of security required to prevent escape.

Juvenile Rights

All juveniles under supervision of the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center shall have basic rights as defined in the Constitution and laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia that may apply to juveniles. These rights shall be safeguarded by all Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center staff.

All juveniles under the supervision of the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center shall not be subject to discrimination based on race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center operates under the auspices of the City of Norfolk, Department of Human Services and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Juvenile Justice.

Programs & Services

The Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center provides a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the youth who are detained. These services are provided in a manner that ensures public safety yet provides appropriate services to prepare the youth to re-enter the community. During their stay at the center, the youth are provided an educational program by the Norfolk Public School system. The youth have the opportunity to acquire academic credits, attain a GED, and address other educational needs.

Post-Dispositional Program

In addition to the pre-dispositional secure program for juveniles, NJDC has a post-dispositional program for juveniles to complete court-ordered treatment pending discharge. Detention also provides a re-entry program for juveniles who have been committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice and need local placement while transitioning back into the community.

Nonresidential Outreach Program

NJDC houses the nonresidential outreach program for juveniles pending court adjudication allowing them to remain in the community under close supervision. Some of the juveniles in the outreach program are monitored using GPS tracking system. It is important that youth who are detained have the support of their parents and other individuals to help them re-enter the community in a productive and safe manner.