Fire & Medical Simulation Training

The Training Division developed a new form of training to help prepare, evaluate, and improve our sworn staff on their delivery of service to our citizens. As a result of technology growth and improvements, simulation based training has become the premier venue to prepare our staff on critical decision making skills.

Fire Simulation

Computer-based fire simulations were developed to allow our staff to experience a wide variety of fires, hazardous materials, and mass causalities incidents. Actual Norfolk buildings and locations were used to develop various interactive scenarios that challenge our members. Participants work through different scenarios talking on radios, implementing the incident command system, and working through all of the challenges like an actual event. This training has provided experience for our staff to call multiple alarm assignments and work through very stressful situations. In addition it has provided the opportunity to reinforce our department policies in critical situations.

Emergency Medical Simulation

Norfolk Fire-Rescue received a grant for a high-fidelity "SIM MAN" for the purpose of emergency medical training. This lifelike manikin talks, breaths, has pulses, a heart rhythm, and many other features that makes it as lifelike as possible. All members have conducted training on this interactive manikin in the setting of the back of an ambulance. The training staff oversees this program and ensures that proper medical protocols are followed. This type of training prepares our members for any and all types of medical emergencies events that they may face.