Media Production

Norfolk Fire-Rescue's Media Production is headquartered inside the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Training Center. The media production department consist of a studio set, cameras and lighting, and editing equipment. One full time civilian employee films, produces, and edits a host of professional productions for the purpose of Fire-Rescue training. This added dimension of training has allowed concentrated video segments on topics such as new equipment orientation, revised policies and procedures, effective firefighting and emergency medical practices, and a host of other training topics.


A production called "Fireline" is aired every other month to our department members and includes current events in Fire-Rescue, short segments of fire and emergency medical training topics, a health and wellness segment, physical fitness information, updates from the Fire Chief, and information on past and future department and city events. All video training segments are cataloged and kept in our Learning Management System for future use by our members.

Types of Videos Filmed

Fire Rescue's Media Production occasionally films segments for Channel 48; Norfolk News Now, training segments for the Norfolk Police Department, and other city agencies. In addition, formal videos are made of fire recruit graduation ceremonies, promotional ceremonies, Fire-Rescue's awards ceremonies, and a host of other events.