City of Norfolk Street Sweeping Program

4 street sweepers Opens in new windowThe City's street sweeping program is designed to remove pollutants such as oil, grease, nutrients and sediment from the roadway before entering the stormwater system in order to help improve water quality. It supports Norfolk's initiative for cleaner waterways by reducing pollution and nuisance flooding, minimizing stormwater runoff, and collecting approximately 6,682 tons of debris per year. 

This service is not designed to take the place of regular homeowner yard and gutter responsibilities that are outlined in the Norfolk City Code. 


Changes to the sweeping schedule

Although it continues to be our primary goal to ensure street sweeping occurs once per month for all neighborhoods, as scheduled, the program is currently experiencing delays due to factors such as long lead times on equipment repairs, challenges hiring commercial driver operators, and inclement weather. Despite these challenges, we are using every resource available to maximize the sweeping program, but adjustments must be made.

Street Sweeping will temporarily be revised to a quarterly rotation until equipment challenges can be addressed. 
*Areas with enforcement signs will continue to be swept monthly, pending weather and equipment availability. Parking enforcement will not be suspended during this time.



You can now use the Open Data Portal to search for your quarterly sweeping day through the end of 2023 or see the neighborhoods scheduled for sweeping on a given day.

The City of Norfolk prides itself in having the most robust street sweeping program in Hampton Roads. Even with the challenges we are facing, the program continues to far exceed any others in the Hampton Roads area. We do encourage residents to support the efforts by keeping the curb adjacent to their property clean in-between sweeping services. 

Maintaining the curb in front of your house ensures that rainwater may run, unimpeded, to the stormwater curb inlets, thereby reducing localized flooding.   
This is a City Code and a requirement for property owners. 

Residents are also encouraged to move their vehicles away from the curb during sweeping days.  

Missed days due to bad weather, equipment failures, or holidays will continue to be made up on Mondays.   

Street Sweeping teams may be unable to sweep due to:

  • Construction and road closures
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Low hanging limbs
  • Mechanical/equipment issues
  • Rain or hazardous weather conditions
  • Vehicles parked beside curbs

Tips to help you assist Street Sweeping crews:

  • Do not place yard debris, grass clippings or blow/rake leaves into the street.
  • Remove any large limbs or other heavy debris from the gutter line.
  • Move vehicles from the street on scheduled sweeping days.