Road and Lane Closure Report for the City of Norfolk

This report includes high impact, new and ongoing road and lane closures in the Downtown area and throughout the city. Unless otherwise indicated, pedestrian access will be maintained. These closures are a result of permits issued and coordinated by the Right-of-Way Management Division and are subject to change.

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Special Events

  • none pending


  • Milling, Paving, Microsurfacing and Striping Information (Parking will be removed from these streets; Please watch for posted "No Stopping" signs and avoid parking in these areas.)
  • Milling, Paving, Pavement Markings
    • April through November 30
      • South Main Street (Liberty St. to Buchanan St.) Starts August 31

Downtown Streets

Through late December, there will be intermittent lane closures on downtown streets during off-peak hours for work in manholes by Dominion Energy.

Waterside Drive

Watch for closure of the sidewalk and curb lane westbound on Waterside Drive between Atlantic Street and Commerical Place for utility work.


Railroad Crossing Replacements


Granby Street 

Watch for upcoming night work taking place as part of the Granby Street Bridge Rehabilitation project. The contractor will be conducting bridge deck overlay work on five nights over the next month. This work is being performed at night due to the temperature-sensitive nature of the latex-modified concrete overlay material. Night work is planned between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. on the five dates listed below, weather permitting. During these timeframes, there will be one lane open southbound and one lane open northbound.

Planned dates for night work:

  1. 8/19
  2. 8/26
  3. 9/2
  4. 9/9
  5. 9/16

Virginia Natural Gas Projects will affect the following streets with intermittent lane closures: 

  • 10th Bay Street
  • 11th Bay Street
  • 12th Bay Street
  • 13th Bay Street
  • 14th Bay Street
  • 15th Bay Street
  • 16th Bay Street
  • 17th Bay Street
  • 18th Bay Street
  • 19th Bay Street
  • 20th Bay Street
  • 21st Bay Street
  • 2nd Bay Street
  • 3rd, Bay Street
  • 4th Bay Street
  • 5th Bay Street
  • 6th Bay Street
  • 7th Bay Street
  • 8th Bay Street
  • 9th Bay Street
  • Argyle Avenue
  • Armistead Avenue
  • Bayside Avenue
  • Beachview Street
  • Bellamy Avenue
  • Berkley Avenue Extension
  • Berkley Avenue
  • Blandford, Circle
  • Caliente Street
  • Cloncurry Road
  • Commonwealth Avenue
  • Cortlandt Place
  • Daniel Avenue
  • Darden Street
  • Dunning Road
  • E Beach Drive
  • E Little Creek Road
  • E Ocean View Avenue
  • E Ocean View Avenue
  • E Princess Anne Road
  • Gleneagles Road
  • Granby Street
  • Hacienda Street
  • Hampton Boulevard
  • Inlet Road
  • Kersey Avenue
  • Kingston Avenue
  • Lamesa Avenue
  • Maury Arch McNeal Avenue
  • Milson Avenue
  • N Shore Road
  • Nansemond Bay Street
  • North Military Highway
  • North View Boulevard
  • Norvella Avenue
  • Norview Avenue
  • Orange Avenue
  • Parkview Avenue
  • Pleasant Avenue
  • Pleasant Avenue
  • Pretty Lake Avenue
  • Pretty Lake Avenue
  • Ransom Road
  • Redwing Avenue
  • Rugosa Rose Court
  • Runnymede Road
  • Sewell's Point Road
  • Shirland Avenue
  • Shore Drive
  • Sigmon Street
  • Sloane Street
  • Stafford Street
  • Trouville Avenue
  • Turner Road
  • W Gilpin Avenue
  • W Little Creek Road
  • Whit Avenue
  • Wisteria PlaceAtlans Street

Special Traffic Advisory

The Ohio Creek Watershed Project continues with the following changes to vehicular traffic in Chesterfield Heights and Grandy Village. These changes will take place over the next few weeks: A copy of the mailer can be found here. Details:

From now - August 2022

  • Kimball Terrace detours from Campostella Road to I-264 to Ballentine exit or to Park Avenue to Virginia Beach Blvd. to Ballentine Blvd.  Kimball Terrace's hard closures are at Thayor Street and Majestic Avenue respectively.  There is no access to Thayor Street from Kimball Terrace.
  • Kimball Terrace will be closed at Wiley Drive and Kimball Loop.
  • Kimball Terrace will also be closed between Wiley Drive and Kimball Loop.
  • Kimball Loop will be closed from Kimball Terrace to Ballentine Boulevard.
  • A temporary roadway has been installed to maintain access to Granby Village Learning Center.

VDOT Projects

  • I-564 Intermodal Connector Project
  • I-64/264 Interchange Project, phases 2
  • Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion

    The City of Norfolk has a 24-hour hotline to address construction concerns at 757-664-7220. For a map of all permitted roadway construction activity, visit the city’s Construction Activity MapWhile the best effort is made to include all major construction and special event activity, the City of Norfolk provides this data as a public service for convenience purposes only. Reliance upon the accuracy or completeness of this data contained herein is at the user’s risk. The City of Norfolk makes no warranty that the data will be provided in real-time or that the data will be free of errors as the data is subject to change at any time. In no event shall the City of Norfolk be liable for any damages, claim, or loss incurred by any user.