Top Deck Program

The city is giving qualifying small businesses round-the-clock access to top parking spots in three downtown parking garages. The program will run for six months and is expected to save small businesses an average of $30 to $60 per space per month.

Top Deck Parking

Top Deck parking is offered at the following three garages and includes a total of 300 spaces.:

Option One

  • 100 spaces
  • $40 per space per month
  • 50 employees or less
  • New Norfolk business license within the preceding 90 days
  • Ability to lock in rate for 2 years

Option Two

  • 100 spaces
  • $60 per space per month
  • 50 employees or less
  • Current Norfolk business license

Option Three

  • 100 spaces
  • $70 per space per month
  • 51 to 100 employees
  • Current business license

First Come/First Served Basis

  • Maximum of 300 spaces
  • Each option includes 24/7 access; accounts must be in the name of a business/company with each parking access card issued to an authorized named individual parker
  • No additional discounts available
  • Top Deck spaces will be "nested", i.e, controlled by gates. Each participant's access card will be restricted to parking on the Top Deck only. Access cards must be used at garage entrance and at Top Deck entrance. Failure to proceed to top deck will result in penalties:
    • First Offense: Business/Company and individual parker will receive a courtesy warning and individual parker will pay at exit.
    • Second Offense: Individual parker will be ticketed $30 business/company notified and pay at exit.
    • Third Offense: Individual parker's access card will be deactivated and business/company will be notified.
    • Continued violations by individual parkers could result in the removal of business/company from the program.
  • If conditions warrant the closure of garages' top decks, program participants will be permitted to park one floor lower until top deck spaces are re-opened.
  • If they wish to the leave the program, program participants may discontinue participation and move to other monthly parking options without penalty/additional charge.
  • This is a six month program and can be discontinued at the City Manager's discretion.

Application Information

Download an application (PDF) and submit it via email.