Neighborhood and Housing Preservation

The Neighborhood and Housing Preservation program is responsible for preserving and enhancing the quality and safety of existing housing stock through rehabilitation and repair assistance programs. Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of existing housing and neighborhood conditions.


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Renovate Norfolk

Renovate Norfolk is a voluntary program that provides income-eligible homeowners with a grant to make necessary interior and/or exterior residential improvements. Properties are rehabilitated to provide safe and sanitary housing and/or improve accessibility for seniors or persons with mobility impairments. The goal of each rehabilitation is to reduce ongoing and future maintenance costs and create decent, affordable housing for City of Norfolk residents.  

Strengthening Neighborhoods

Strengthening Neighborhoods is a voluntary program that provides eligible participants with owner-occupied rehabilitation assistance, rental property rehabilitation assistance, and down payment assistance to homebuyers in target neighborhoods. The two target neighborhoods currently include Ingleside and Oakdale Farms/Monticello Village.   

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Healthy Housing Initiative

The Healthy Housing Initiative brings attention to neighborhoods that are currently stable communities for middle- and working-class families but are on the edge of growth and/or decline. The goal is to stabilize and preserve existing quality affordable housing, infrastructure, and amenities in these neighborhoods.