The Licensure Process

Opening a Family Day Care Home In Norfolk

Norfolk's Department of Human Services offers licensure for Family Day Care Homes, better known as Home-Based Care, located in the home of the provider for up to 12 children under the age of 13 for which the provider receives compensation, including the provider’s own children and any children who reside in the home. A Family Day Care home where the children in care are all related to the provider by blood, adoption, or marriage shall not be required to be licensed, unless the provider receives compensation.

All Family Day Care residences certified in the City of Norfolk for five or more children will also need to be licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. For additional information, see the Virginia Department of Education.

The Home-Base Childcare Network (HCN) Licensure Process

Prior to beginning the licensing process, review the information provided on our website for potential providers, to include [link to City code enforcement once complete]

  1. Step 1: Contact the Norfolk Home-Based Childcare Network office
  2. Step 2: VDSS Pre-Licensing and HCN  Orientation
  3. Step 3: Family Childcare Application and Training
  4. Step 4:  Initial Inspection & Code Consultation
  5. Step 5: Permits &  Licenses
  6. Step 6: Validation Visit
  7. Step 7: VDSS Childcare License

Contact the Norfolk Home-Based Childcare Network office

Applicants interested in becoming a certified family day home in the City of Norfolk must contact the Home-Based Childcare Network by completing the interest form here.