Risk Management Division


Risk Management Division manages risk for the City and its taxpayers, and is charged with coordinating claims and litigation, loss prevention/loss control, subrogation efforts and City-owned commercial insurance programs.  The liability insurance program is largely self-funded for liability claims and lawsuits, settlements, and expenses.  Risk Management administers and analyzes a variety of insurance and risk mitigation techniques designed to protect and maintain the financial integrity of City-owned assets, and free up dollars that would otherwise be spent on claims to be used elsewhere throughout the City.

This involves leading, engaging, and supporting key stakeholders in taking steps toward preventing, managing, and mitigating potential negative impacts from events affecting the C-O-R-E (safety compliance; operational; reputational; economic/financial) risk exposures the City faces.  Methods primarily used to implement these goals include:

  • Responsible management of the City’s self-insured retention funding;
  • Commercial insurance;
  • Contractual risk assessment and transfer;
  • Internal consultative services;
  • Compliance and audit reporting; and Staff training.

The Division also collaboratively manages small property/casualty claims, safety, loss prevention and allocation, and proactively seeks to optimize opportunities and to employ creative strategies whenever possible and appropriate to support management and the City’s community service projects.

Understanding the Claims Process:

Section 15.2-209 of the Code of Virginia states that persons seeking to present a claim for negligence against the City of Norfolk are required to provide written notice regarding the nature of the stated claim within six (6) months of the occurrence date.  The written notice must contain:

  1. Claimant Name and Address
  2. Date and Time of Incident
  3. Individuals involved (if known)
  4. Location of Incident (if known)
  5. Loss Description, including why you believe the City is responsible

The City Attorney’s Office receives notice for all claims presented to the City of Norfolk.  Upon confirmed receipt of required written notice from a claimant, the City Attorney’s Office will determine if claims will be investigated and handled by the City Attorney’s Office or the Finance Department/Risk Management Division.  A Third-Party Administrator may be contracted to complete the claims investigation, which may include contacting the claimant, on behalf of the City of Norfolk. Upon completion of the investigation the claimant will be notified in writing concerning the decision, the outcome of which may be 1) the claim is being denied because there was no negligence by a City employee, and there is therefore no obligation to pay the alleged damages or loss; or 2) an offer is made to pay the claim; or 3) another resolution as the facts may dictate.  The City endeavors to make every reasonable effort to initially follow up and contact claimants during normal business hours, Monday – Friday after official receipt and acknowledgement of a claim or contact by a claimant.  While some claims can be resolved within a reasonable amount of time others may require additional time to investigate and fully address.  Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for the processing of your claim. During the claims investigation claimants are responsible for the reasonable mitigation of all damages and/or losses associated with their claim. 

Claim notice may be delivered by hand, by any form of United States mail service (including regular, certified, registered, or overnight mail), or by commercial delivery service to the following address:

Office of the City Attorney
810 Union Street, Suite 900
Norfolk, VA 23510 Phone: (757) 664-4529

An electronic claim notification can be delivered by one of the two following methods:

Email: claims@norfolk.gov

Fax: (757) 664-4201, ATTN: Claims

Please Note:  Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) maintains a risk management office that is separate from the City, and can therefore be reached directly as follows: 

Director, Risk Management
Norfolk Public Schools
800 E. City Hall Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: (757) 628-3856
Fax: (757) 628-3817