Energy Assistance Program

Fuel Assistance

This program helps low-income households with their urgent heating needs, such as:

  • Buying fuel for heating
  • Paying energy bills

 Applications are accepted from the 2nd Tuesday in October to the 2nd Friday in November.

Crisis Assistance

Crisis Assistance benefits apply to heating emergencies, such as: 

  • Connection or re-connection fees
  • Imminent utility cut-off
  • Inoperable or unsafe heating equipment
  • Lack of heat

 Applications are accepted from November 1 to March 15 for: 

  • Heating equipment repair or replacement
  • Heating equipment - supplemental (example: fuel tanks)
  • Security deposit (primary heat expense)

 Applications are accepted from the 1st workday in January to March 15 for: 

  • Heating fuel (primary)
  • Utility bills (primary heat expense)

Cooling Assistance

This program helps low-income households with payment of:

  • The electric bill to operate cooling equipment
  • Repair or replacement of cooling equipment

Applications are accepted from June 15 to August 15. 

Eligibility Requirements

The maximum monthly gross income for a one-person household cannot exceed $1,354. For a household of four, the maximum monthly gross income is $2,790.

For more information or to obtain an application, call 757-664-6035 or apply online.

Additional information about the Energy Assistance Program is available at Virginia Department of Social Services.