Food Truck Vendor Program

Required Permits & Licenses for all Food Truck and Food Cart Vendors

Required permits and licenses for this program include a Norfolk Business License from the Commissioner of Revenue, a Health Permit from the Norfolk Department of Health, a Fire Inspection and decal from Norfolk Fire Marshal's Office and a Vendor Parking Permit. Those interested in participating in food truck and food cart vending should review the information below and follow all the instructions. 


  • To vend in Norfolk on private property and in the right of way, you must have:
    1. Current Norfolk Heath Inspection
    2. Current Norfolk Fire Inspection
    3. Current Norfolk Business License
    4. Current Norfolk Zoning Approval
  • 1.  Health Department
    • Mobile Vendors & Push Carts : Mobile food preparation units, which include mobile vendor units and push carts are vehicles used for a variety of food preparation activities. These units must operate daily from a commissary in order to facilitate cleaning and servicing operations, food storage and renewal of supplies. This also includes the flushing and draining of liquid waste to an approved sewerage system and water servicing equipment that is approved.  With this said a commissary is a location, designed for the sanitary storage and servicing needs of the mobile units. Approved commissaries hold valid health permits and receive regular inspections. The vendor shall obtain written permission authorizing their use of the approved commissary and shall provide that to the health department. In order to promote the safe and sanitary handling of food, these mobile units are inspected, as are their commissaries. They may be limited in what they can offer due to equipment restrictions.

      Mobile vendors and pushcarts are required to also purchase a tracking decal, which needs to be revalidated each year. They may be restricted to particular areas of the city due to land use and zoning requirements. The annual state permit fee is $40. There is an additional $30 annual local decal tracking fee. For more information call 757-683-2712.

    • 2.  Fire Marshal

    • 3.  Business License
    • 4.  Zoning Approval

Designated Zones to Vend from a Food Truck in the Right of  Way

The Food Truck Rodeocity's food vendor program provides designated zones for food trucks to vend within the City of Norfolk on a first come first serve basis once approved. The Food Truck Program's goal is to offer freshly made entrees to support the lunchtime hours downtown with optional expansion for breakfast, lunch and evening meals in the City's other designated zones.

The following are the food truck zones designated in the right of way for the Food Truck Program; 

  • 100 block of Bank Street at MacArthur Square - Downtown (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)  A decal from the Norfolk Department of General Services, Division of Parking is required to vendor Downtown. 
  • 1200 block of Boissevain Avenue in Chelsea
  • 1300 block Raleigh Avenue in Chelsea
  • 800 block of Front St at Fort Norfolk
  • 800 block of Woodis Avenue at Fort Norfolk
  • 700 block of Granby St in the NEON District 

 There are no available areas for new vendors to vend with a push cart  in the right of way at this time.  Push cart vending an be conducted on private property with permission from the property owner or at a Special Event with the event organizer's permission.

Dessert Vendors

Vendors who primarily serve desserts may contact Festevents for participation in special events.