Voter Registration Applications

You may register to vote online by visiting the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Virginia Voter Registration Application Form

DMV Offices

Voter registration applications are available at DMV offices, at the Norfolk Office of Elections (City Hall Building - 810 Union Street, Room 808), or at any of the following Norfolk Libraries:

Norfolk Library Locations
AddressPhone Number
Barron F. Black6700 E Tanners Creek Drive757- 441-5806
Blyden879 E. Princess Anne Road757-441-2852
Horace C. Downing555 E. Liberty Street757-441-1968
Janaf124 Janaf Shopping Center757-441-5660
Jordan-Newby at Broad Creek1425 Norchester Avenue757-823-4800
Lafayette1610 Cromwell Drive757-441-2842
Larchmont6525 Hampton Boulevard757-441-5335
Little Creek7853 Tarpon Place757-441-1751
Park Place620 W. 29th Street757-664-7330
Mary D. Pretlow111 W. Ocean View Avenue757-441-1750
235 E. Plume Street
Van Wyck1368 DeBree Avenue757-441-2844