After You Are Hired as a Norfolk Telecommunicator

After you are hired you will be placed on a Squad to begin your training and will be scheduled to attend our Telecommunicator Academy. Upon completion of the academy and in compliance with Virginia State code you are given an oath by the clerk of the City of Norfolk and become sworn to serve in the capacity of Emergency Service.

Working Hours

We work a rotating shift that consists of 3- 12 hour days on followed by 2 days off, with rotating days off every week for 3 weeks before the pattern repeats.

  • Week 1 days off- Wednesday/Thursday
  • Week 2 days off- Friday/Saturday
  • Week 3 days off- Sunday/Monday

Nature of Work

Telecommunicator in Training

An entry level Telecommunicator who will be assigned to a Public Safety Telecommunicator III- Training Instructor who will provide on-the-job training for answering in coming calls for service and three police radio channels. Currently, Telecommunicators in Training are paid a competitive annual salary plus benefits (retirement, medical, and leave). Upon successful completion of all radio positions and have become competent and proficient in processing in-coming calls for service via the telephone system, along with the passing of the Telecommunicator II test and displaying the knowledge of a Telecommunicator I, the Telecommunicator  in Training may be reclassified as a  to Telecommunicator II.

Telecommunicator II

Telecommunicators will successfully maintain all previous certifications and remain competent and professional in all aspects of Emergency Communications. As a Telecommunicator II you will have received a raise in pay.

Benefits Package

As a Public Safety Telecommunicator, you may receive these great benefits:

  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account - (Optional) Before tax-dollars are set aside and used for eligible out of pocket expenditures for a child, spouse, or for another relative
  • Every twelve months Telecommunicators are eligible for a step increase and other increases if approved by City Council
  • Health Care Reimbursement Account- Before-Tax dollars set aside and used to pay eligible medical dental expenses not paid under any health plan
  • Holiday and Overtime Pay
  • Medical Plan
  • Paid Birthday leave