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Food Service Establishment GCD FOG Registration Form

  1. FOG FSE GCD Registration

    The fats, oils and grease (FOG), food service establishment (FSE), grease control device (GCD) Registration is required for all FSEs in the City of Norfolk.

  2. Food Service Establishment Information
  3. What brings you to the FOG Registration Form?*
  4. Which agency completes Food Safety Inspection for your establishment?*
  5. Actions:*
  6. Permits:
  7. Example: LLC., INC., Corp.

  8. Physical location of FSE /OR/ storage location for mobile vendor/food truck.

  9. Type of FSE:*
  10. Choose the following:*
  11. The Hampton Roads Fats, Oils & Grease Best Management Practices Certification is required for all food service establishments (this includes mobile food trucks or food services leasing commercial kitchen space or waste disposal services):
  12. HR FOG Best Management Practices (BMP) Certified?

    If No, please visit the following link to complete the Online Free FOG Training:

  13. Commissary Kitchen Information - for non-brick & mortar businesses.

    Mobile vendors, food trucks, temporary event operators, food manufacturers, caterers or any food service businesses using a commercial kitchen for food processing and food waste disposal services in the City of Norfolk, must provide a copy of the commissary agreement.

  14. If the commissary that will be used is located in Norfolk please upload a copy of the Commissary's FOG Approval Letter.

  15. Mark all that apply:*
  16. FSE Used Cooking Oil (Yellow Grease) Recycling Information

    Yellow grease shall mean FOG used in food preparation that have not been in contact or contaminated with other sources such as water, wastewater or solid waste. An example of yellow grease is fryer oil, which can be recycled into products such as animal feed, cosmetics and alternative fuel. Yellow grease is also referred to as renderable FOG.

    Please visit the link to see the list of approved haulers: Record Lookup By Grease Hauler Company - HRFOG

  17. Hood Cleaning Company Information:
  18. Does the FSE have a hood system?*
  19. Grease Control Device (GCD) Information, previously known as a grease trap.

    Grease Control Device (GCD) or previously known as a grease trap, shall mean a device used to collect, contain, or remove food waste and grease from the wastewater while allowing the remaining wastewater to be discharged to the City/County/Town’s sanitary sewer system by gravity. Devices include: hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGI), automatic grease removal devices (AGRD), or gravity grease interceptors (GGI).

  20. Does the FSE have a grease control device?*
  21. If there are more than two GCDs in the establishment, follow the form format below for additional GCDs.

  22. Determining the Size of the Existing GCD:

    GCDs are sized based on Flow (GPM) and Capacity (Lbs.) or by Volume (gallons).  Most GCDs have a specification (spec) plate that will provide the information required.  If the GCD is missing the spec plate, the GCD can be measured: length x width x height

  23. GCD #1*
  24. If unknown, leave blank.

  25. (Gallons Per Minute / Grease Capacity in pounds)

  26. If unknown, leave blank.

  27. GCD #2*
  28. (Gallons Per Minute / Grease Capacity in pounds)

  29. GCD Cleaning Requirements:

    *GCDs greater than (25 GPM / 50 lbs.) are required to be cleaned by a certified commercial hauler.

    The GCD must be cleaned before it reaches 25% total FOG + Solids for the total liquid depth, or per manufacturers requirements.  If you are unsure of cleaning requirements, please email:

    The longest period of time allowed between pump outs is 90 days or quarterly cleaning, whether or not the maximum grease capacity is met. 

    Every GCD must be cleaned 4 times a year at the minimum and records kept of each cleaning and disposal.

    Please visit the link to see the list of approved haulers: Record Lookup By Grease Hauler Company - HRFOG

  30. Is the FSE self cleaning? *

    Self-cleaning by the owner and/or operator of an establishment is not allowed unless approved by the sanitary sewer system owner.

    Only hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGIs) with a liquid volume of 25 GPM (50 pounds) or less may be considered for self-cleaning unless otherwise approved by the sanitary sewer system owner.

    When approved, the owner and/or operator of an establishment shall comply with the following requirements for maintenance as required by the sanitary sewer system owner:

    • Remove cover(s)

    • Remove all fats, oils, and grease (FOG), solids, food debris, and wastewater

    • Clean all internal surfaces from the build-up of FOG or other residual materials (chemicals and/or degreasers are prohibited)

    • Place all removed materials in garbage bag or other sealable container (not glass) along with an absorbent material, i.e. like kitty litter or auto oil absorbent, and dispose of solidified contents in trash receptacle

    • Inspect all internal components, replace anything missing or broken and ensure flow control device is installed

    • Refill with fresh water

    • Replace cover(s) • Enter the required information on the maintenance log

    At least once per quarter or as required by the sanitary sewer system owner, the HGI shall be cleaned by a professional grease hauler, certified through the HR FOG Program administered by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, documented by a manifest, reported in the maintenance log, and all records maintained for the previous three (3) years.

  31. The longest period of time allowed between pump outs is 90 days or quarterly cleaning, whether or not the maximum grease capacity is met. 

  32. If you have cleaning manifests for FSE that is being registered, upload documents and photos below:

  33. Certification

    I hereby certify that I am the owner/authorized representative to make entries and that the information on this sheet is correct. Any falsification, misrepresentation, or misleading information VOIDS this registration form.

  34. Type name
  35. 6040 Waterworks Rd., Norfolk, VA 23502

    Call or Text: 757-620-2688 Fax: 757-441-5639 Email:

  36. Water and Sewer Main Break 24-HR Emergency (757) 823-1000
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