Boat Ramps & Piers

Boat Ramps

Please review the informative video about boating safety tips.

Haven Creek Boat Ramp

  • 12 parking spaces
  • 2 ramps
  • 2-acre site
  • Corner of Llewellyn Avenue and Delaware Avenue
  • Open sunrise to sunset

Willoughby Boat Ramp

  • 13th View and Bayville Street
  • 2 ramps
  • 5-acre site
  • 80 parking spaces
  • Drinking fountain
  • Open sunrise to sunset
  • Payphone
  • Portable restroom facilities


The East Ocean View (EOV) Community Center Pier is located at 9520 20th Bay Street behind the East Ocean View Community Center in Norfolk on the shoreline of Pretty Lake. This pier hosts anglers, boaters, community center patrons, and many more. Not only is the pier a grand fishing spot, but it will also benefit the community by serving as a base for water safety, boating, and canoeing programs.

Made possible through a grant from the Recreational Fishing Advisory Board and funding from the City of Norfolk, the pier is dedicated to the late Bill Harbert. As the former president of the Roosevelt Gardens Civic League and the original co-chair of the Ward 5 Partnership, Harbert played an instrumental role in having Petty Lake dredged.

Norfolk's Department of Public Works coordinated the construction of the 2,840-square-foot pier with Flint Construction. The pier extends 134 feet into the water from the shoreline and its horseshoe-shape design is user-friendly and handicapped-accessible.

Kayak & Paddle Board Launch Sites

The City of Norfolk owns and operates several kayak launch sites (PDF).

See information about boating on Norfolk's reservoirs.

For further information about city boat ramps, piers, and kayak launch sites, contact the Norfolk Department of Parks & Recreation Aquatics Division at 757-441-1605.