Campostella Landfill Redevelopment Proposal

Project Overview

The City of Norfolk has partnered with the Community Power Group to explore the idea to redevelop and transform the former Campostella Landfill site into a solar energy collection site. 

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The 59-acre site, located in Norfolk's Campostella neighborhood along the city line, was used to dispose construction and demolition debris until it was closed and capped in the 1990s. Environmental hazards, such as ground instability and possible contamination, make the site unsuitable for redevelopment. 

About Community Power Group

The City of Norfolk selected Community Power Group (CPG) through an RFP and bidding process. CPG works with public and private landowners across the country to develop renewable energy solutions using solar and hydro technologies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Campostella Landfill Solar proposal FAQs.