Energy Management

As a measure to reduce the causes of climate change, The City of Norfolk Energy Management Teams works to implement a comprehensive energy strategy for government operations as well as provide resources for resident energy-related programs. Norfolk’s energy management strategy addresses energy demand reduction, building energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. 

Better Buildings ImageEnergy Demand Reduction

In support of the City’s Climate Action Plan, in 2022, Norfolk City Council adopted a resolution to commit to reducing energy consumption in government buildings by 20% by the year 2032. The City has joined the Better Buildings Challenge, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) designed to improve the lives of the American people by driving leadership in energy innovation by partnering with local government to make municipal buildings more energy-efficient by accelerating investment and sharing successful best practices. 

In order to reduce energy demand Norfolk continues to make investments in LED lighting technology, retrofit buildings with more energy efficient HVAC systems and promote Energy Treasure Hunts, events where City employees are invited to search for opportunities for energy savings in City buildings. Check out how Norfolk is progressing towards its energy goals by visiting the OpenData portal. 

Renewable Energy

Once a building has reduced it’s energy demand, the next step in combating climate change through energy management is renewable energy generation. The City is currently investigating installing solar arrays on multiple City buildings. In addition, Norfolk is pursuing a SolSmart designation to demonstrate that Norfolk is solar ready. As part of the designation process, Norfolk will be making the residential and commercial solar permitting process more transparent, equitable and accessible. Details coming soon.

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