Plans and Reports

The City of Norfolk develops several plans and reports associated with the allocation of federal grants provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development.   

  1. Consolidated & Annual Action Plan
  2. Annual Performance Report (CAPER)
  3. Environmental Review Records
  4. Other Reports

HUD regulations require that participating jurisdictions prepare a Consolidated Plan every three to five years. The Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive document detailing how the city will spend its federal funding during the five years. It also identifies strategic planning and resident participation opportunities using a comprehensive approach. The Consolidated Plan enables the city, community-based organizations, and citizens to provide input that directs the scope of activities during the plan period.  

Throughout these five years, the city must also prepare Annual Action Plans. The Annual Action Plan summarizes the City of Norfolk’s annual objectives during the upcoming year. The Annual Plan describes the activities, the funding recommendations for those objectives, affordable housing goals, homeless needs, barriers to affordable housing, and community development objectives.